Ecotourism in Mexico, Relaxation and Adventure Go Hand in Hand!

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If you ever wanted to spend time in secluded surroundings away from city’s hustle bustle, you should go for eco tour. There are numerous eco tourist parks all over the world however travelers from Canada give priority to Mexican Parks. There are several reasons for it. You would not only get relaxed in lush green ambience but also can enjoy rare wildlife and above all adventure. Every year, adventure enthusiast from all over the world visit Mexico to have fun with eco tours. You can enjoy hiking, mountain climbing and world class water sports as well. Following are some of the top class eco tourism destinations in Mexico.

Barranca del Cupatitzio National Park

The exotic park is located in the state of Michoacan. While excursing through the park, you will come across paths, bridges and lush green vegetation. The picturesque view will give you a feel as if the area has never been explored before and for the best view, you should take a look of the area in the early morning when drops are dew are still there on leaves just like a priceless pearl is waiting to be touched. Canadian voyagers love the cascades in the national parks. You can hike up natural as well as artificial cascades in the area. Are you looking to shop for some memento of your trip? Drive your vehicle and reach any store from where you can buy paintings and handicrafts. But have you obtained Mexican auto insurance because without it you might spoil your eco tour.

Obtaining Mexico Insurance is mandatory in order to drive your vehicle in Mexico because Mexican authorities do not recognize or validate US or Canadian auto policies, if you get into an auto accident. You can buy Mexico Auto Insurance at the border however, the process if full of hassles. The better deals with more reliable policies are online. Visit online Mexican Car insurance providers.

Manantlan Biosphere

The ecological reserve is one of the main attractions of Costalegre. Canadian nature lovers visit the biosphere especially to explore through the 2900 plant species. While excursing through the beautiful natural surroundings, you will come across several endangered species. If you want to take a look of the art of preserving flora and fauna, you should not miss out on visiting Manantlan Biosphere.

Sierra Tarahumara

The interesting, adventurous and beautiful area of Sierra Tarahumara is located in luring city of Copper Canyon. You should visit the area during summers to be a part of Adventure Tourism Festival and compete in mountain biking tournaments, ultra marathons and various other sporting events.

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